La Suspiria Records presenta la tracklist del tributo ai Dark Tranquillity  “The Final Resistance”.

1. Serenity In Murder: Edenspring

2. Darkness By Oath: Dreamlore Degenerate

3. Suru: Therein

4. Dawn Of Tears- The Wonders At Your Feet

5. The Descent: Final Resistance

6. Skydancer: The Treason Wall

7. Erling Solem: Ex- Nihilo

8. Mind Holocaust: The New Build

9. Agónica: Nothing to no one

10. Fallen Sentinel: Terminus (Where death is most alive)

11. Apotheus: Misery´s Crown

12. Shadowsphere: Focus Shift

13. Thee Orakle: Dream Oblivion


14. The Agonist: Monochromatic Stains

15. Slaughter Of The Bluegrass: Punish My Heaven