Klonosphere Productions offre 18 canzoni di Loudblast, Mopa, Otargos e altri.

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Di seguito la lista dei pezzi e relativi autori

01. HACRIDE – Overcome (from the album “Back To Where You’ve Never Been”)

02. LOUDBLAST – The Abstract God (exclusive demo version of new song)

03. OTARGOS – Apex Terror (exclusive demo version of new song)

04. MOPA – Speak To Me (previously unreleased)

05. KLONE – Into The Void (from the album “The Dreamer’s Hideaway”)

06. 7 WEEKS – Ghosts On The Seaside Road (from the album “Carnivora”)

07. SCARRED – Cinder (from the album “Gaia-Medea”)

08. DEMENTED – Listen To The Silence (from the album “Across The Nature Stillness”)

09. MAGOA – Let’s Die (on Saturday night) (from the EP “Animal”)

10. HYPERDUMP – Fake (from the EP “Syncretism”)

11. CHECKMATE – Invictus (from the album “Immanence”)

12. LAST BARONS – Going To Varzi (from the album “Cheval de Troie”)

13. LIZZARD – The Orbiter (from the album “Out Of Reach”)

14. LOPSIDED – Madmartigan (from the album “Holda’s-Grace”)

15. LODZ – Song For Chaos (from the EP “And Then Emptiness”)

16. LOKURAH – Rewriters Of Truth (from the album “The Time To Do Better”)

17. ENLIGHTENED – Under The Flame (from the album “Discover The Path”)

18. THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK – A Whisper To The Thunder (from the album “Hand of Glory)