Il 24 marzo esce il secondo album dei deathsters svedesi CUT UP, intitolato “Wherever They May Rot” (Blade Records). L’album, brutale come il predecessore “Forensic Nightmares” (2015),   si presenterà con una impostazione più catchy.

Dall’album è tratto il video per il brano “Vermin Funeral”. Eccolo:


“Wherever They May Rot” track listing:
1. From Ear To Ear
2. Necrophagic Madness
3. Behead The Dead
4. Wherever They May Rot
5. Vermin Funeral
6. By Hatred Bound
7. Psychosurgery
8. In The Aftermath
9. Master Dissector
10. Cranium Crusher
11. Raped By The Blade

CUT UP line-up:
Erik Rundqvist – vocals & bass
Andreas Björnson – vocals & guitar
Anders Bertilsson – guitar
Tobias Gustafsson – drums