Il 17 agosto la Metal Blade Records ripubblicherà tre classici di King Diamond: “Abigail II: The Revenge”, “House of God”, e “Voodoo”.

Ogni album sarò disponibile su picture disc da 180g, già ordinabili qui.

King Diamond dichiara: “Potete scendere nella spirale dell’oscurità con questi tre classici, oppure li potete esibire appendendoli al muro, come farò io. In qualsiasi caso, spero vi divertiate!”

Ecco le varie tracklist:

Abigail II: The Revenge track-listing:
Side A
1. Spare This Life
2. The Storm
3. Mansion in Sorrow
Side B
4. Miriam
5. Little One
6. Slippery Stairs
Side C
7. The Crypt
8. Broken Glass
9. More Than Pain
Side D
10. The Wheelchair
11. Spirits
12. Mommy
13. Sorry Dear

House of God track-listing
Side A
1. Upon the Cross
2. The Trees Have Eyes
3. Follow the Wolf
Side B
4. House of God
5. Black Devil
6. The Pact
Side C
7. Goodbye
8. Just a Shadow
9. Help!!!
10. Passage to Hell
Side D
11. Catacomb
12. This Place Is Terrible
13. Peace of Mind

Voodoo track-listing
Side A
1. Louisiana Darkness
2. LOA House
3. Life After Death
Side B
4. Voodoo
5. A Secret
6. Salem
Side C
7. One Down Two to Go
8. Sending of Dead
9. Sarah’s Night
Side D
10. The Exorcist
11. Unclean Spirits
12. Cross of Baron Samedi
13. If They Only Knew
14. Aftermath