I Megascavenger di Rogga Johansson presentano il lyric video di “Human Sinkhole”, nuovo singolo (QUI il precedente) del quinto album della band intitolato “Songs in the Key of Madness”, atteso per il 6 agosto con Xtreem Music, nel formato CD.


Tracklist for “Songs in the Key of Madness”:

1. They Went Mad
(ft Aaron Whitsell of Cropsy Maniac)
2. The Beckoning of the Rats
(ft Silvester Koorevaar of Fondle Corpse and
Aaron Whitsell of Cropsy Maniac)
3. Laboratory Serenades
(ft Rober of Machetazo)
4. First We Slay (Then We Gorge)
(ft Håkan Stuvemark of Wombbath)
5. Five Severed Fingers
(ft Dennis Blomberg of Paganizer)
6. Nothing but the Feet Remains
(ft Jonny Pettersson of Wombbath)
7. Human Sinkhole
(ft Dennis Blomberg of Paganizer)
8. A Terrible Tale of Reeking Remains
(ft Dennis Blomberg of Paganizer)