Gli Oceans Of Slumber sono in procinto di pubblicare il nuovo e omonimo album, previsto in uscita il 4 settembre 2020 su Century Media Records. Oggi la progressive death metal band texana presenta il video del quarto e ultimo singolo “To the Sea (A Tolling of the Bells)”.

1. Soundtrack To My Last Day
2. Pray For Fire
3. A Return To The Earth Below
4. Imperfect Divinity
5. The Adorned Fathomless Creation
6. To The Sea
7. The Colors of Grace
8. I Mourn These Yellow Leaves
9. September (Those Who Come Before)

Cammie Gilbert – Vocals
Jessie Santos – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Alexander Lucian – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Semir Ozerkan – Bass Guitar
Dobber – Drums, Piano/Synths
Mat Aleman – Keyboard