Annunciato per il 2 ottobre “Nightmares Of The Decomposed”, il settimo album, i Six Feet Under presentano oggi il lyric video della canzone “Zodiac”, anche singolo dell’album. Il primo singolo è “Amputator”. A pubblicare “Nightmares Of The Decomposed” sarà la Metal Blade Records.

Nightmares Of The Decomposed track-listing
1. Amputator
2. Zodiac
3. The Rotting
4. Death Will Follow
5. Migraine
6. The Noose
7. Blood of the Zombie
8. Self Imposed Death Sentence
9. Dead Girls Don’t Scream
10. Drink Blood Get High
11. Labyrinth of Insanity
12. Without Your Life

Six Feet Under:
Chris Barnes – vocals
Jack Owen – rhythm and lead guitar
Ray Suhy – lead guitar
Jeff Hughell – bass
Marco Pitruzzella – drums