Da Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, i guerrieri dell’heavy/power metal SONIC PROPHECY rendono disponibile “The Warriors Heart”, primo video della band, estratto dal disco “Apocalyptic Promenade’”, che sarà pubblicato il 16 Marzo.

Track list:

  1. Oracle of the Damned/The Fist of God
  2. Eventide
  3. Hells Most Beautiful Angel
  4. Temple of the Sun
  5. Dark is the Dawn
  6. Born of Steel and Fire
  7. The Warriors Heart
  8. Legendary
  9. Fire Messiah
  10. Apocalyptic Promenade
  11. Call of Battle (acoustic version) bonus track

Shane Provstgaard – Vocals
Darrin Goodman- Lead Guitar
Sebastian Martin- Guitar
Ray Opheikens- Bass
Steve Bishop – Keyboards
Jeff Dreher – Drums