La Stygian Crypt Prods insieme ai Therion ufficializza la line-up delle band che faranno parte del prossimo tribute ai Therion.

An Arrow From The Sun – by Ghost Warfare
Asgard – by Antyra
Baal Reginon – by Revolting Masses
Genocidal Raids – by Remains
Invocation Of Naamah – by Day 40
Kali Yuga Part I – by Dark Letter
Ljusalvheim – by Whirlwind Storm
Pandemonic Outbreak – by Theosophy
Perennial Sophia – by Ivanubis Hollanda
Raven Of Dispersion – by Ivanubis Hollanda
Schwarzalbenheim – by Theudho
Seven Secrets Of The Sphynx – by The No. Q
To Mega Therion – by Imperial Age
The Blood Of Kingu – by Elimi
The Riders Of Theli – by Numenor
The Wand Of Abaris – by Mare Infinitum
The Wings Of The Hydra – by Frozen Ocean
Trul – by Lords Of Aesir
Wisdom And The Cage – by Majesty Of Revival

La Stygian Crypt fa sapere che “A Tribute To Therion”, questo il titolo della futura release, conterrà un CD con rare versioni di cover da parte di differenti band, registrate dai Therion e pubblicate solo su compilation. Un secondo CD conterrà nuove cover di versioni delle canzoni dei Therion.
Il tribute verrà pubblicato in versione limitata.