L’etichetta indipendente Transcending Obscurity offre, per le festività natalizie, una free-for-download compilation con tutte e 65 (!) le band che afferiscono alla label. Qui il link.

TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY LABEL SAMPLER (International) – ‘Volume 1’ (Free Download)

1. Deceased (US) – Graphic Repulsion (Death/Thrash Metal)
2. Paganizer (Sweden) – Souls for Sale (Death Metal)
3. Affliction Gate (France) – Devising Our Own Chains (Death Metal)
4. Abyssus (Greece) – Remnants of War (Death Metal)
5. Sathanas (US) – Satan’s Cross (Death/Thrash Metal)
6. Fetid Zombie (US) – Lure of the Occult (Death Metal)
7. Norse (Australia) – Pest (Dissonant Black Metal)
8. The Furor (Australia) – Summoned Obscurity (Black/Thrash Metal)
9. Preludium (Poland) – Sins of Mankind (Spiritual Black/Death Metal)
10. Seedna (Sweden) – Downward Spiral (Live) (Atmospheric Black Metal)
11. The Whorehouse Massacre (Canada) – A.C.S.-4 (Sludge/Doom Metal)
12. The Dead (Australia) – Disturbing the Dead (Sludge/Death Metal)
13. Drug Honkey (US) – Weight of the World (Hypnotic Doom Metal)
14. Albatross (Mumbai, India) – The Empire of Albatross (Heavy Metal)
15. Third Sovereign (India) – Devolution of Mortality (Death Metal)
16. Dormant Inferno (Mumbai, India) – Deliverance (Doom Metal) 11:02
17. Insane Prophecy (Guwahati, India) – The Nihilistic Force of Fear and Ire (Black Metal)
18. Dionysus (Pakistan) – Rain (Black/Doom Metal)
19. Gaia’s Throne (Pune, India) – Crisis (Sci-fi Heavy Metal)
20. Orion (Mumbai, India) – Oh Sweet Ebullition (Progressive Death)
21. Djinn and Miskatonic (Bangalore, India) – Book of the Fallen (Doom Metal)
22. Solar Deity (Mumbai, India) – Circling the Moon (Black Metal)
23. Multinational Corporations (Pakistan) – L.P.C. (Grindcore/Crust)
24. Fragarak (Delhi, India) – Cryptic Convulsion (Technical Death Metal)
25. Halahkuh (Pune, India) – Break the Shackles (Death/Thrash Metal)
26. Wintergate (Jaipur, India) – A Wreath of Mist (Old School Death Metal)
27. Primitiv (Mumbai, India) – World War Zero (Death Metal)
28. Against Evil (Vizag, India) – War Hero (Heavy Metal)
29. Rectified Spirit (Guwahati, India) – Winter in Thine Eyes (Progressive/Heavy Metal)
30. Armament (Kolkata, India) – Gas Chamber (Thrash Metal)
31. Eccentric Pendulum (Bangalore, India) – Resisting Another Equation (Progressive Metal)
32. Biopsy (Mumbai, India) – Fractals of Derangement (Brutal Death Metal)
33. Killibrium (Mumbai, India) – Mental Illusions (Death Metal)
34. Gaijin (Mumbai, India) – Dead Planet (Technical Death Metal)
35. Heathen Beast (India) – The Carnage of Godhra (Black Metal)
36. Diabolus Arcanium (Chennai, India) – Of Fire and Ashes (Epic Black Metal)
37. Blackhour (Pakistan) – Wind of Change (Heavy Metal)
38. Zero Gravity (Indore, India) – Screaming Agony (Death Metal)
39. Toxoid (New Delhi, India) – Demon Lust (Black Metal)
40. Wired Anxiety (New Mumbai, India) – Heavily Sedated (Brutal Death Metal)
41. Elemental (Indore) – Inhuman Purge (Death Metal)
42. Falcun (Kolkata, India) – Eye of the Storm (Heavy Metal)
43. Knight (Assam, India) – The Ventriloquist (Heavy Metal)
44. Gypsy (Kolkata, India) – The Shoemaker (Heavy Metal)
45. Sceptre (Mumbai, India) – Hate Infested (Thrash Metal)
46. Exalter (Bangladesh) – Nuclear Punishment (Thrash Metal)
47. Amorphia (Kerala, India) – Leiber Code (Thrash Metal)
48. Dirge (Pune, India) – Swamp (Doom/Sludge Metal)
49. Irritum (Pakistan) – Voice in the Night (Doom Metal)
50. The Grim Mage (Bangalore, India) – Celestial Scrimmage (Doom Metal)
51. Darkrypt (Mumbai, India) – Abstract Submission (Death Metal)
52. Strangulate (Kolkata, India) – Humanity’s End
53. Godless (Hyderabad, India) – Infest (Death Metal)
54. Homicide (Bangladesh) – Hades (Brutal Death Metal)
55. Bonefvcker (Delhi, India) – Ad Infinitum (Death Metal/Grind)
56. Violent Upheaval – Ghar Wapsi (Crush the Agenda) (Grindcore)
57. The Infernal Diatribe (Kolkata, India) – Morbid Evocation (Black Metal)
58. Necrolepsy (Bangladesh) – Engorging the Stillborn (Death Metal)
59. Tyrannizer (Mumbai, India) – Bloodstain (Death/Thrash Metal)
60. Evil Conscience (Kolkata, India) – Grim Shutdown (Death Metal)
61. Ragnhild (Pune, India) – Taven Tales (Viking/Death Metal)
62. False Flag (Pune, India) – Mediacracy (Crust/Punk/Grind)
63. Dead Exaltation (Pune, India) – Fallacy (Death Metal)
64. Eclipse (Guwahati, India) – Dreams of Midnight (Power Metal)
65. Deathscent (Jaipur, India) – Brave Enough (Death/Thrash Metal)

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