Atteso per il 24 aprile il nuovo album dei Warbirnger e attraverso la Napalm Records, intitolato “Weapons of Tomorrow”, la band presenta intanto il video di una canzone del suddetto album, “Glorious End”.

Copertina, tracklist dell’album e le differenti versioni disponibile del nuovo album dei Warbringer, sono di seguito.

“Weapons of Tomorrow” Tracklist:

1) Firepower Kills
2) The Black Hand Reaches Out
3) Crushed Beneath the Tracks
4) Defiance of Fate
5) Unraveling
6) Heart of Darkness
7) Power Unsurpassed
8) Outer Reaches
9) Notre Dame (King of Fools)
10) Glorious End

Weapons of Tomorrow will be available in the following formats:

– CD Jewel Case Edition
– CD & Shirt Bundle
– Digital Album
– 1LP Gatefold Black
– 1LP Blue Gatefold Edition – limited 200 copies
– Wooden Box Set: Bonus CD, Logo Lighter, Flag – limited 500 sets
– LP (Black) & Shirt Bundle – US Store Only
– Skateboard – US Store Only
– Album Cover Shirt + Skateboard + Jewel Case – US Store Only
– Album Cover Shirt + Skateboard + Vinyl – US Store Only