fotoHeavensColtA chat with John Le Pirate, lead guitar of the mad french rock band Heaven’s Colt. They show a big mid finger to everything, but what they love to do. Singing in French, doing nothing really new but everything 100% fun and catchy. Not complex music, but tons of riffs, fun, and real hard rock. Do you really think you need anything more?

Hi there, thanks for your time! After reviewing your “Labour Du Vice” it comes natural to ask you few questions. The thing that mostly impress the public outside your country, is that you don’t give a damn about “everybody sings rock’n’roll in English”. Indeed you sing in French. The roots of this decision?

We are not “everybody”! French is our native language. We must just to work the words for to obtain a good music with our French. Rock ‘n’ Roll is just a philosophy, so every language can sing it, if they are sincerely.

Why the band name is in English then?

“Heaven’s Colt” is an English name, because we want to play in the world, so we need a catchy name, which all countries can identify.

Rock’n’roll and excess: sex, alcohol, fun. Times change, but that looks like being still the core of the pure fun, at least that is the feeling we get from your songs…

The Rock ‘n’ Roll is just the desire to fully enjoy the life, with all it involves, so it’s our philosophy. This is what we sing in French.

Your music is no new. You don’t play something different. But still you are pure fun and are loved by public. Where is the line dividing artistic level to popularity and fun?

We do not have the pretensions of creating a new musical genre, we just want to keep an atmosphere already assured, while inventing our own musical universe. We love what we do.

You had few hundreds of gigs so far. When do you think to visit us, your neighbors “les Italiens”?

We look forward to playing for you! Our friends the Italians!!! Invite us, it will be our pleasure to offer you our Rock ‘n’ Roll world! (laughs, editor’s note)

Ok, would you close this with a message to Italian rockers and METALHEAD.IT readers?

My friends Metalhead, my friends the Italians !!! Rock ‘n’ Roll is not dead! Heaven’s Colt fight to continue to make it live sincerely. Invite us! “Noi Rockons che vuole per voi!“


(Luca Zakk)