Con la pubblicazione del 15 marzo in avvicinamento, la Dark Essence Records ha svelato la  title track dall’album “New Moon” dei doomsters SUPERLYNX.

“New Moon”  is described by the band as “one of the slower and heavier songs on the album. It is about a new beginning and coming to it through an inner drive that is always there, but which is also connected to the bigger picture, to the cosmos,  and to the force of life going back billions of years, and who knows how far into the future. There is some heavy existentialism going on here”.

Tracklist e copertina dell’album:

01. Hex
02. Breath
03. Becoming the Sea
04. New Moon
05. Indian Summer
06. These Children that come at us with Knives
07. Scarecrow
08. Cold Black Sea
09. The Groove
10. The Thickest Night