Exif_JPEG_PICTUREThe Otehi are recording. A big news! So in which point are you? When will come out the album? What’s the title? You got the cover already? Who’s the publisher? (versione italiana)
Hi Alberto!! We are working from a long time on this concept album and finally now we are closing the work with a great satisfaction we are on mastering and we thing next spring it will come out  “Dead Chants and Forbidden Melodies”. This time we thought to cooperate with others artists, the graphics of the artwork will be designed from the genius Spudde, for the feminine vocals, it will take care Cristina Pullano. We are still looking for somebody who can produce us, by now we have a lot of requests from overalps labels, anyway we are looking around to do the right choise.

In the previous interview we talked about what it will be the new album. At the time we were on writing and arrived a new drummer Corrado “Victor” Battistoni, who’s bringing a new groove into the Otehi. Has the alchemy worked?
Well yes, Victor fit what we were looking for, a dry and powerful groove sound. He is capable to open up in the most clean and psychedelic parts and to become dusty when he needs to, even more he got in full our way of playing and conceive the music. You’ll see the results in the album!!

Actually you are recording in Rome, so is the Colosseum, Fori Imperiali, Sistine Chapel of the capital inspiring you? No trulli this time!
Rome is great, ancient, magic and evocative, but our society is always more in crisis always more frenetic, an humanity is always more and more part of the mechanism: “produce, consume and die”. Our music comes from our inner world, from our visions, from our talkings about the “to be”, and also about death, Liberty, nature and her wonderful truth. All of it merges into the “Dead Chants and Forbidden Melodies” and in its songs and in its sounds.

There will be the same “raw” spirit sound in the next album or it will be different?
Yes, we brought our typical distorted raw sound from “Noisy Spirit”, but this time we made a good job with Daimon studio getting to high standards. The work is rich of melodic parts, psychedelic riffs and new sounds. We don’t like the rock made on digital that’s why we think a raw catch is even more energetic and sincere.

Few time ago I saw the video clip of “Brutal Magoos”. What’s about the image? Where you wanna get this time?
We gonna show a post-apocalyptic imaginary where nature won over man and where the magic we lost is reborn. All the Spiritality was hided from the civil society. The schamanism, the animals, the panoramas, the spirits and magical prodigies are into the Otehi and it’s our duty to transform it in music and images.

Are you satisfied with “Noisy Spirit”? The split with the Sludgebucket, you got good results?
Uh! we are proud about “Noisy Spirit”, it opened up the way to keep playing and express the music we got inside, it was really appreciate from all the stonerheads and from the high volumes lovers. We had a good time with the californians Sludgebucket we recorded two songs together, ’cause we feld the need to come back on recording, that’s all, our fans are not entusiastic about it, but we like to think of a future appreciation of the tracks.

Good talk, thank you. And now your spot!
Bye and thank you to everybody in Metalhead…  PRAY FOR PSYCH!!!

(Alberto Vitale)

Translation from Otehi’s dialect coach Monica Manco

“Noisy Spirit” (QUI)
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