copsuperbutt(Sonic Attack Records) Maybe the moment has come to provide a serious answer to those bands in the vein of Pantera and Machine Head, the sound that breaks through in America and then by reflex, throughout the world and leave room for a solid European reality? Maybe, I don’t know, I can’t understand it. At the first listen, Superbutt and precisely the opener “Cleaver” induces me to think that the band is the usual American Pantera style band. When I have to do a review, I listen and then I read about what and who l’m listening to, that is, the various information sent with the release. To my great surprise, I discover that Superbutt are first of all, Hungarian and that this is not their first album and in fact, “Music for Animals” is the new creation of their idea of metal. An idea which is certainly formed upon the same plan as the thrash of Pantera, a melodic discourse between Crowbar, Down, hardcore and nu metal but more driven and solid. A mish mashed derivative sound? Mmm no, because Superbutt are masters of what they do and listening to them one realizes how the band of Andrs V”6r”6s (vocalist with a big voice and strong personality) have personalized songwriting. Cleary the influences are in the background, but the genre being played wasn’t invented by them! A song like “Best Plays’ highlights the talents of the four musicians and it presents itself as the real manifest of the band, due to the power and and the melodic pathos displayed. “Natasha” is a pogoing track to jump up and down to, and in some instances it reminded me of Testament. “Of This Gloom’ is s song in which melodic balance, the wailing solos of the six string (Attila Kovcs, who was born to play this stuff) and the necessary force join together and the same can be said for “Revolting Kids’, which almost overlaps into progressive style. “The Murder of Socrates’ is harrowing but also smacks of barbed wire which pummels. Hammering the bombarding bass (Gy”6rgy Nedoluha), mature and smart guitar work and a drummer (Attila Erdei) who works like an industrial sewing machine. Superbutt have no-one to be envious of and if “Music for Animals” is not enough to understand this, then the double cd version is needed, on which the band carries out exemplary work. Seven tracks, four sung in Hungarian (a very musical language), in which however, the sound reveals itself as more fluid compared to the tracks on the album. I point out “Tulqts’, strengthened by the vocal harmony of a choirgirl. The other three are covers: the enthralling “She’s a Lady” by Tom Jones, “Panic” by the band’s compatriots The Moog, “Rockin’ in the Free World” by Neil Young, all good performances. “Music for Animals’ is an enjoyable and solid result of a band with experience and who are masters of their own instruments.

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(Alberto Vitale) Vote: 7/10