Esce un nuovo singolo dei The Gathering dal titolo “Meltdown”. La canzone è inclusa nell’album di prossima uscita (il 12 settembre) “Disclosure”.


Alcuni dettagli sul prossimo album

Produced by René Rutten
Drums recorded with Studio 2 mobile at Studiobizz
Engineered by René Rutten
Silje’s vocals recorded at Conclave & Earshot studios
Engineered by Herbrand Larsen & Arve Isdal
Additional recordings at Studio 2
Engineered by René Rutten
Mixed by Guido Aalbers at GieSound
Mastered by Paul Matthijs Lombert at The Mastering Factory

Tracklist (could change):

  1. Paper Waves
  2. Meltdown
  3. Gemini I
  4. Heroes For Ghosts
  5. Missing Seasons
  6. See For Miles
  7. Paralyzed
  8. Gemini II


-The Gathering’s 10th studio album
-Marriage between organic and electronic sounds
-Personal album, both musical and lyrical
-Diverse: epic, long tracks but also ‘small’ songs
-Frank (keyboard) is doing main vocals on ‘Meltdown’
-Harmony vocals by the whole band