I bielorussi KHANDRA hanno diffuso in streaming il nuovo album “All Occupied by Sole Death” (recensione qui) registrato presso lo Cavum Atrum Studio ed in uscita domani via Season of Mist Underground Activists:

Copertina di Chris Kiesling (Misantropic Art) e tracklist:

1. Mute moleben (02:12)
2. Irrigating lethal acres with blood(06:29)
3. Nothing but immortality for aye (06:17)
4. In harvest against the Sun (07:03)
5. With the blessing of starless night (06:30)
6. Thanatos (08:21)
7. All occupied by sole Death(06:34)

Uladzimir B: vocals
Dmitry R: guitars
Pavel V: drums
Anton S: bass