Online Metal Promo e Breath Fresher webzine (Japan) si sono unite per offrire “HELLO TOKYO…OMP…ARMED AND READY”, una free digital download compilation con 30 brani da artisti hard rock e heavy metal di tutto il mondo. Ecco la lista:

Acrania (MEX)

Song: Deceive The Pain

Agora (MEX)

Song: Victima

Armory (USA)

Song: Eternal Mind

Cage (USA)

Song: I Am The King

Corners of Sanctuary (USA)

Song: A Fistful of Vengeance

Dave Reffett (USA)

Song: Ruby Avalanche Red Flood

Dire Peril (USA)

Song: Twisted Whispers

Empires of Eden (AUS)

Song: Channeling The Infinite

Featuring Death Dealer/Cage vocalist Sean Peck

Enceladus (USA)

Song: Ethereality

Excellion (MEX)

Song: The Moment of Truth

Fallen Order (NZ)

Song: The Age of Kings

Hellscream (USA)

Song: Made Immortal

Featuring Cage guitarist Dave “Conan” Garcia

Featuring Skinnner/Dire Peril/Ex-Imagika vocalist Norman Skinner

Hessler (USA)

Song: Waste Away

Lords of the Trident (USA)

Song: Plan of Attack

Luzbel (MEX)

Song: Kirieleison

Maligno (MEX)

Song: Insano

Maxxxwell Carlisle (USA)

Song: Visions of Speed and Thunder

Featuring Lords of the Trident vocalist Fang VonWrathenstein

(Previously Unreleased)

Mindmaze (USA)

Song: This Holy War

Rash Panzer (SWI)

Song: Freedom & Happiness

Ravensthorn (USA)

Song: Wolf Witchery

Ripio (ARG)

Song: A Tiempo

Skinner (USA)

Song: The Enemy Within

Spellcaster (USA)

Song: Molten Steel

Split Heaven (MEX)

Song: Danger Zone

Station (USA)

Song: Don’t Take Heaven Away From Me

Strike Master (MEX)

Song: Majestic Strike

Stu “The Hammer” Marshall (AUS)

Song: The Hammer

Featuring Death Dealer/Empires of Eden guitarist/producer

(Previously Unreleased)

Voltax (MEX)

Song: Obsession for the Dark

Witchcross (USA)

Song: Bad Trip

Zephaniah (USA)

Song: Avenger of Souls


Qui i link per il download:

Tutte le band senza contratto possono scrivere al seguente indirizzo per essere incluse nelle prossime compilation: