La Scarlet Records accoglie i Red Rose, band power prog metal israeliana.
Il nuovo album è stato prodotto, ancora una volta, da Tommy Hansen (HELLOWEEN, JORN LANDE, TNT) allo Jailhouse Studio, con Matan Shmuely (ORPHANED LAND) alla batteria.
L’album uscirà il 26/2








01. When Roses Faded
02. Chasing Freedom
03. King of the Local Crowd
04. Original Sin
05. Alone in the Night
06. This Bitter World
07. Don’t Believe These Tales
08. Seize the Day

Leve Laiter – vocals
Elnur Aliev – guitars
Deion Kristen – keyboards
Eli Reeve – bass
Matan Shmuely – session drums

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