38 canzoni selezionate dalla Transcending Obscurity, etichetta indiana dal roster cospicuo: Paganizer, Necrophagous, Wombbath, Diskord, Eremit, Noctu, Xpus, Leper Colony e tanti altri. Ascoltabili di seguito e gratuite per il download nella pagina Bandcamp dell’etichetta, QUI, con ben due copertine realizzate da Mark Riddick.

Track listing:

PAGANIZER (Sweden) – Down The Path of Decay (Death Metal)
HEADS FOR THE DEAD (International) – Maniac (Horror Death Metal)
FERAL (Sweden) – From the Ancient Tombs (Death Metal)
DISKORD (Norway) – Abnegations (Death Metal)
HELLFROST AND FIRE (International) – Legion of Hellfrost And Fire (Death Metal)
LEPER COLONY (Sweden/Germany) – The Human Paradox (Death Metal)
ABYSSUS (Greece) – The Beast Within (Death Metal)
CRYPTS OF DESPAIR (Lithuania) – Anguished Exhale (Death Metal)
REVULSION (Finland) – Lihaan Sidottu Kirja (Death Metal)
MORGUE SUPPLIER (US) – Closing In (Death Metal/Grindcore)
NASTY SURGEONS (Spain) – Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (Death Metal/Grindcore)
NECROPHAGOUS (Sweden) – Order of the Lion (Death Metal)
HATCHET (Sweden) – By Inferno’s Light (Death Metal)
BIZARRE (Spain) – The Shadow Over Innsmouth (Death Metal)
DEFECT DESIGNER (Norway) – Wrinkles (Death Metal)
VAHRZAW (Australia) – Waiting with the Wolves (Black/Death Metal)
ABSCESSION (Sweden/Germany) – Rat King Crawl (Death Metal)
DAEMONICUS (Sweden) – To Poison Everything (Death Metal)
VIANDE (France) – La Tombe Avide (Dark Death Metal)
0N0 (Slovakia) – Shattering (Experimental Death Metal)
SARCASTIC OBEDIENCE (Greece) – Cataclysmic (Death Metal)
WORLD IN RUINS (Sweden) – In Misery (Crust/Grind/Death Metal)
GODLESS TRUTH (Czech Republic) – Breathe Fire (Technical Death Metal)
CUTTERRED FLESH (Czech Republic) – Where Only Old Flesh Stinks (Brutal Death Metal)
THE LAST OF LUCY (US) – The Demiurge (Technical Death Metal)
SUPREME CONCEPTION (Czech Republic) – Transgression I (Technical Death Metal)
ARKHETH (Australia) – Kundalini (Experimental/Jazz Black Metal)
THE FUROR (Australia) – Necrorebellion (Black/Death Metal)
ASHEN HORDE (US) – The Throes of Agony (Black/Death Metal)
VORGA (Germany) – Starless Sky (Atmospheric Black Metal)
NOLTEM (US) – Illusions in the Wake (Black Metal)
SARCOPTES (US) – Spanish Flu (Black Metal)
DECIPHER (Greece) – Chants of the Unholy (Black Metal)
EREMIT (Germany) – Secret Powers Entrenched in an Ancient Artefact (Sludge/Doom Metal)
ARCHE (Finland) – Reverential Silence (Atmospheric Doom Metal)
71TONMAN (Poland) – Plague (Sludge/Doom Metal)
BØG (Australia) – Thoracic Helm (Sludge/Doom Metal)
SOLEMN ECHOES (US) – A Worthless Disgrace (Atmospheric Doom Metal)